April 16, 2014

great combi

bottle cover OTTA & BIRI
make a great combination don't you think?
 knitted bottle cover BIRI with neon printed dots
crocheted bottle cover BIRI
especially made for

April 12, 2014

beauty of nature

a few photos I shot this morning 
during my coffee break 
in our sunny garden

 dew on the grass


April 07, 2014

dots & dots

 bottle cover OTTA is brand new made and will be listed in my shop soon
bottle cover MO was already here
bottle cover LETE is just listed in my shop
I have knitted the bottle covers in fine wool and decorated them with neon printed (screen printing) dots

April 02, 2014

Norway in spring

 camping spot Rondane
 Storsmeden pas 1750m
birch Langglupdalen                         
Simplepiggen 1721m

The first week of spring we spent in the snow. 
Last week we took a great hike on snowshoes with backpack and tent through and over the beautiful mountains of Rondane - Norway.
more photo's here

March 05, 2014

tate modern



We visited Tate Modern, a modern art gallery housed in the former
Bankside Power Station. We wandered around the museum looking at works of international modern and contemporary art dating from 1900 until today .

February 04, 2014


Two examples of my screen printing experiments I made today
at home. I used a small screen printing window that I made 
during the nice workshop at Windstilte

January 31, 2014

bottle cover NESJE

-a colorful vase cover-knitted and woven-made of the best wool-
+bottle cover NESJE
+bottle cover JINNE
+bottle cover SULKA
happy weekend!
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